Victoria VR Closes A $5.5m Round of Funding To Build An Open Metaverse

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed a $5.5m round of funding from some of the strongest partners across blockchain and gaming to accelerate our vision of bringing an Open Metaverse to life. This strategic round brings our total funding to $13.5m. We are extremely excited to have received support from Dominance Ventures, Non-Fungible Fund, Wave Financial, Neon, DAOMaker, Altered Ventures and…

Virtual Reality in Gaming

The global gaming market is expected to exceed $256 billion by 2025 and is projected to account for a revenue of $1,274.4 billion in 2030. Due to the ongoing lockdown measures there is an increased interest in gaming. While cinemas and theaters continue their ‚door-closed‘ policy, home entertainment seems to be the only option for gamers. Under these conditions, virtual reality (VR) is set to be the real game changer.