Victoria VR’s big news gets even bigger

The huge news we have announced already in 2022 is far from the only news we have coming. In fact, we have so much more we are struggling to schedule it all. We are going to be extending that news!

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, it’s challenging in the markets right now, with this last week seeing significant changes. But despite challenging times in the markets, Victoria VR will thrive. The reason? We have something real and valuable to offer our users — an immersive, social experience that they can’t find anywhere else. And with Victoria VR on the horizon, things are only going to get more exciting.

We are making tremendous progress here in Prague. Our team is growing at an accelerating pace. We have now surpassed 80 developers and plan to reach the 300 mark later this year. The team we have now is set to bring our community great things. The prospect of a bigger team — one that matches the experience and skill of the people we already have in place, is going to increase the work rate and lift our vision still further. We believe that no one else is doing what we are doing and that we have something truly transformative to bring to the market.

It’s easy to make this sound like over-confidence, but when you see what we are working on, we believe that you will agree. Whatever the markets look like on a short term, micro-level, the bottom line is that metaverses that have something to say, and something real to show, to allow people to do, to be — these metaverses will go on to change the way that we live. And Victoria VR is one of them. Our unique platform, which combines blockchain technology with Virtual Reality, offers a wealth of opportunities for individual players and businesses alike, with the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with virtual worlds.

For now, here are some key updates.

1) 85% of VR Lands available for this round are already sold

We have already sold approximately 85% of all VR lands available for this round, which started in 2021. Firstly, this is a real testament to the meteoric rise of Victoria VR. But it’s a rise that is based on something real — real progress, real news, real innovation.

2) VR Lands

Due to market conditions, we are moving the third snapshot of the VR Lands Sale + community presale round so that there is enough time for market conditions to improve. The third Snapshot will now be on 1st March, followed by a community presale round shortly, and then VR lands distribution day.

3) Early Bird Staking VR Lands Sale

We have received VR tokens and VR Lands vouchers from the vast majority of people who wanted to buy VR lands. So for now, we are halting sales. On 7th March, you will receive the staking reward, which you will be able to use as payment for VR Land during the next purchase day from 8th to 9th March at a fixed price, which will be the average range from 7th March.

4) There will be many opportunities to see Victoria VR prior to release!

Confidence in Victoria VR is high, and these presentations will only see confidence get higher because what we have to show is incredibly exciting — and now people can see it and experience it, with demos planned to show people the Victoria VR Metaverse at events like Virtuality’s ‘Enter The Metaverse’ event in Paris, France in March. For those not at the events, we will be making video content available and sharing a video of on-stage presentations too.

There will be more events and many more opportunities to see Victoria VR prior to launch!

Victoria VR is here to stay, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface. We believe our metaverse will revolutionise the way we interact with virtual worlds. And over the coming months, we will continue to give you more and more reasons to believe it, too. Stay tuned!

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