It may be tough out there at the moment but Victoria VR is remaining strong, and we’re still growing! With so many plans and so much to achieve we are delighted to announce that Loic Claveau has joined the team as our CMO – the perfect position to help drive forward our growth.

Loic took a little time out to chat about his background, the market and what the future holds for Victoria VR.

Welcome on board Loic! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I spent the last 25 years in the gaming industry, some of them as a video game journalist and most of them in the AAA gaming publishing side of things. My proudest moment was with Riot Games where I led the French territory for League of Legends, but I have also worked for some prestigious franchises such as Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Aion and many other MMORPGs. F2P Online Games have been my specialism all through my career, basically.

How did you hear about VVR?
In the simplest way there is… after a very nice discussion with a headhunter who had reached out to me, I investigated further about the project and its team, and I really liked what I saw. So I thought, let’s discuss further! And so we got into many interesting discussion and I really loved the vibe I got with the team. Both co-founders, Ondřej (CEO) and Adam (COO), made me feel right at home. The rest is history 🙂

Why did you decide to come on board?
I was already part of Web 3 but not really part of a gaming company at that point so it was the perfect opportunity to unite my two passions: Gaming and Crypto/Blockchain. That’s what kickstarted the discussion. But It really clicked for me when I met the lovely team as well and they shared their dream for Victoria VR with me. That is what convinced me; the ambition and the vision.

What excites you most about Victoria VR?

For me, it’s living in that Virtual World. Since I jumped on board, I rediscovered the power of VR. The last time I tried was many years ago and I felt it was ‘meh’, interesting but quite not there yet. But now, I am hooked on my Quest 2 and I take it with me pretty much everywhere. So when I played the Alpha of Victoria VR, it gave me a glimpse of what was to come. And I am super excited.

What’s your favourite element that exists so far?

That’s probably going to sound corny but the beauty of the map in the lobby gave me goosebumps about the future of this world. All the amazing Islands and the Capital City, I cannot wait to visit.

What’s it like to work with the rest of the Victoria VR team?

It’s amazing and challenging at the same time. I get to build the entire marketing department, almost from scratch. It’s not often that one gets to do that; and that’s what I love to do so I feel like a kid in a candy shop. So many options, so many things to do; I gotta focus. It also helps that the team has been very welcoming and they empowered me to build processes and structure the team the way I envision it.

What’s your priority right now to help grow Victoria VR and establish its presence as the metaverse of choice?

Team structure, processes and marketing strategies. Call me old school, but I do believe you are way more efficient if you plan ahead of time and actually build proper foundations. You have to take some time to strategize before going into execution mode. As for establishing our presence, it’s all about leveraging the VR Tech experience we have in the team (for example, our CEO, Ondrej, is a coding/tech genius) and make sure to broadcast it. But it’s also about making sure that, once we have partners on board, my team and I are doing the best to put them under the spotlight.

Who would you love for Victoria VR to partner with?

Of course, the biggest brands in the world come to mind, the likes of Nike, Coca-Cola, etc. But when I think about what an amazing experience we could offer to our players, I would love to partner with places like The Ministry of Sound, which I very much enjoyed back when I lived in the UK. Imagine, you put up your VR headset and here you are in the club setup of your choosing, and you get to enjoy the music alongside other people and switch between channels whenever you feel like it. If you ever experienced the ‘Silent Disco’ concept, you probably understand what I mean. Think about the amount of content we could produce from hosting different artists to building different settings or even create a Membership Card as NFT that would provide you with amazing benefits.

We could get lost in the excitement of discussing Victoria VR but we know the hot topic on everyones’ lips is the state of the market right now…

What are your thoughts on the current situation in the crypto market?

My belief in Blockchain technology and Crypto in general is unshakable but we live in a very messed up world today. Who would have thought two black swan events would hit us back to back. But personally, I think crypto will recover faster than other assets so I’m holding and DCA’ing.

How would you encourage people to have belief in this climate?

Belief is not something you get in this climate, it’s something you develop within yourself that will help you bear the pain of this climate. Right now, issues rise on every corner, so my best advice is to unplug from the noise and focus on what you can control, whatever that is.

And finally, how do you think Victoria VR will disrupt the market?

I think the fusion of VR and Blockchain will bring new types of meaningful experiences for players such as becoming a Citizen of a Virtual World through DAO, or truly own virtual assets (NFTs) and develop a business around them. And as the VR technology keeps progressing and becomes more and more realistic, Victoria VR will be here to offer a true platform to enjoy this technological advancement, one where you can ‘live’ a digital life.

A huge thank you to @edwardakinwale for advising on this role and introducing us to Loic. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Read more about our team here.